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Dying Light 2 nominated for Golden Joystick Awards 2019

Dying Light 2 nominated for Golden Joystick Awards 2019

What great news we have to share with you! Dying Light 2 is in the running for a Golden Joystick in the Most Wanted Game category!

The 37th Golden Joystick Awards live event is scheduled for November 15th , but the voting is already underway. If you want to show your support for Dying Light 2, you can cast your vote HERE.

Being nominated for the longest-running public-voted award in the gaming industry is no small distinction. Beside the unquestionable prestige of being shortlisted among the very best upcoming titles, we consider this honor a further sign that we’re taking Dying Light 2 in the right direction. Our gameplay demo made quite a splash at E3 2019, where media outlets showered it with almost 50 awards and nominations (you’ll find the journalists’ impressions HERE). When we later published it as a 26-minute 4K video, it met with overwhelmingly enthusiastic reception once again. Now it seems it won us the nomination for a Golden Joystick. If you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, you’ll find it below.

Dying Light 2 Award Winning Gameplay 4K Demo

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