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We're a team and teams are built by individuals. We value imagination and skill - and it shows. Spread your wings, go wild with your ideas, inspire and be inspired. It's the only way we know to create something really awesome for gamers.


We expect people to aim high. But we don't expect them to get there alone. Working with world class experts is a great experience boost in itself but if you need any more formal training the whole package is here.

Have fun

Sure, it's not all laughs and giggles. But let's face it—we're creating fun for others. It's impossible to do that if we don't enjoy ourselves while doing it. We stay inspired and motivated because what we do is simply tons of fun.

Live in
an Amazing Place



Wroclaw was deemed “The Best Polish City to Live and Work” by Foreigners in Poland. Come to one of the most colorful places in Europe with hundreds of attractions and teeming night-life. And you know about the gnomes, right?



Our Capital City is the center of the fastest growing economy in Europe. You'll meet people from virtually any country or culture here. And you'll have plenty opportunities to spend quality time with them on countless concerts, cultural events and charming or simply cool spots all over the city.

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