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Journalists Impressed With Dying Light 2 Demo

Journalists Impressed With Dying Light 2 Demo

After all, almost 50 awards and nominations we received at E3 2019 from various outlets did not just appear out of thin air.

Apart from having Dying Light 2 featured at both Microsoft and Square Enix E3 conferences, we offered journalists a chance to see the game in action. There were so many of them eager to attend that we had to significantly enlarge our presentation room! Behind closed doors our guests could watch an almost half-hour demo showcasing the pillars of Dying Light 2 - the parkour, the combat, and, first and foremost, the narrative branching out depending on the player’s numerous choices. The demo made quite a splash and we have some tasty snippets to prove it.

Dying Light 2 impressed me from the very beginning of the demo, and set up high expectations. With a gorgeous world, smooth combat, impressive parkour, and lofty choice-driven ambitions, Dying Light 2 has quickly become one of my most anticipated games of 2020.Game Informer The big buzz-phrase during Dying Light 2’s extremely impressive E3 demo was “narrative sandbox.”. . . As long as there’s the requisite depth in character, and that branching story goes to some fascinating places, I imagine Dying Light 2 will have plenty of longevity with the sheer amount of content to uncover.IGN
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Watching all of this play out gave me a similar feeling to engaging with a classic role-playing game like Baldur’s Gate or the Fallout series, where minor encounters or critical decisions can irrevocably alter the flow of the story.GameSpot Having seen about half an hour of the game in a presentation at E3, I’m very much intrigued. . . . The star of the demo . . . was undoubtedly the game’s narrative structure and it’s left me thinking Dying Light 2 has a promising future.Eurogamer
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What I was not prepared for . . . was its consistent capacity to scare me senseless. . . . Watching it in action is as breathtaking as the game’s melee focused combat is brutal, and solidifies Techland’s status as the undisputed king of video game parkour.GamesRadar+ Plenty of developers say you’ll have an impact on their game, but few truly deliver. Dying Light 2 is melding story and mechanics in ways I’ve rarely (if ever) seen. . . . Open worlds have been static backdrops for almost two console generations. It’s exciting to see someone finally do something with one of these sprawling maps.PCWorld
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I've seen how choices impact your Dying Light 2 city and I'm sold.Rock, Paper, Shotgun Watching the first-person parkour game played well — which I was able to do at this year’s E3 — is like watching an action movie from the first-person perspective.Polygon You can swing, grapple, leap, wall run, and blend all of this together to create runs that would make Mirror’s Edge blush. . . . It’s fast, fluid, and I can’t wait to try it all out for myself.VG247
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With so many choices, and so many possible outcomes and play styles, Dying Light 2 is saying that it’s OK to follow your heart. Because whatever you choose, you won’t see everything it has to offer in a single playthrough.PC Gamer The systems Dying Light [2] has put in place to offer variety and freedom appear to be encouragingly robust.PCGamesN Last year I was interested in Dying Light 2 as a sequel of a good game, but after the demonstration I’m intrigued by what it can offer in its own (Polish only)

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