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Week #3 of the 5th Anniversary Month starts now

Week #3 of the 5th Anniversary Month starts now

Don’t forget: if Mama ain’t happy, nobody happy!

We hope decimating zombies with your buggy weapons on Week #2 only whetted your appetite for mayhem, Survivors. Halfway through Dying Light’s 5th Anniversary Month we’re doing what many of you have been asking for – we’re bringing back the Left 4 Dead 2 crossover event! It returns under a new permanent name, Viral Rush, and you’ll be seeing more of it in the future. In case you missed our homage to Valve’s zombie shooter back in October: prepare for an all-out fight against a horde of relentless, extremely aggressive undead. Even with quartermasters giving out free firearms, and your ammo being restocked in Safe Zones, you’ll need to bring your A game to survive this onslaught. Your task is to kill Virals, and when the community reaches the global goal you will be rewarded with a blueprint of Last Hope, the signature makeshift cleaver of Aiden Caldwell, the protagonist of Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 5th Anniversary - Week #3

Amidst all that chaos you’ll surely find a moment to help your old pal Gazi get halva for the World’s Best Mom. Fortunately, halva was a very popular treat in Harran, so many zombies still have some in their pockets. Make Gazi’s Mama happy, and he’ll reward your for completing this personal bounty with an exclusive blueprint.

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