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Techland kicks off Summer of Horrors with a major update

Techland kicks off Summer of Horrors with a major update

Scarier nights and advanced parkour.

Summer of Horrors

Techland’s Good Night, Good Luck update is poised to bring about considerable changes in Dying Light 2 Stay Human gameplay, with improvements to the parkour systems and an overhaul of the night experience.

In the dead of night

The day and night cycle has always been at the heart of the Dying Light franchise. This update aims to emphasize the differences in gameplay by ensuring that the night has a heavier, almost horror-like feel. To accomplish that, the visibility is significantly reduced, making the player more reliant on the upgraded flashlight that casts dynamic shadows. The sound design also enhances the atmosphere, with music taking a backseat to effects. What is more, the infected show up in more locations, like Volatiles roaming the rooftops, making no place truly safe after sundown.

Give it a good run

Sometimes the only way to survive is to run away. Not only are the chase sequences more immersive now, but there are also further improvements introduced to the parkour. Other additions include animations, increased control in the air, and maintaining momentum.

While parkour is the highlight of Dying Light 2 Stay Human, some experienced players wanted it to be more challenging. Techland responded to this feedback by introducing a new parkour style, specifically designed to cater to these wishes. Now, players can select in the Settings menu whether they’d like to exercise more control over their movement, for a grounded and intense journey, or go with the assisted gameplay.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human - Good Night, Good Luck Update

Adventures across the map

The third pillar of the update are the Community Maps. Techland is cooperating with and giving the players a rare opportunity to access maps created by modders right from the game – without the need of downloading any additional applications or editors. This means a lot of new levels and content to play, demonstrating the unbridled creativity of Dying Light fans. Currently, this feature is supported on PC only, however, it will be coming to consoles and Steam Deck later this year.

Ride off into the (Harran) sunset

The other noteworthy additions include boosted graphics on ultra mode for PC, and a new color grading option called “Harran Sunset”. Additionally, the player will now be able to throw weapons and retrieve them later. The developer also included some modifications to the user interface and added more transmog options.

Zombie days of summer

Good Night, Good Luck ushers in the Summer of Horrors – a series of events, crossovers, and updates spanning the entire season, all the way into September. To celebrate this launch, Techland calls all Nightrunners to test their skills against Volatiles in a Bloody Nights event, starting 29th of June 16:00 CEST until 13th of July 16:00 CEST. The rewards for completing the challenge are: 3 Huntress' Regular & 3 Elite Mission Tickets, Crossbow and Bolts Blueprint, along with The Prick's Outfit. On top of that, Dying Light 2 Stay Human will be on sale for the duration of the event.

Fans of the living dead will be thrilled to find out what Summer of Horrors will bring next. There is a collaboration brewing between Dying Light 2 Stay Human and The Walking Dead that is bound to pique interest. It was first teased during Summer Game Fest – watch this space for further updates.

Do what you must to survive the night – and stop by the Pilgrim Outpost to find out more.

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