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HyperMode is back with a twist!

HyperMode is back with a twist!

The highly popular gameplay tweak returns, but this time we’re shaking things up by giving you baseball and cricket bats with that HyperMode oomph you enjoy.

It means one swing is enough to send an enemy flying like a rag doll. Moreover, we’ve doubled the damage dealt by all bats for the duration of the event (). You’ll find plenty of random bats in airdrops, and completing your personal challenge will earn you a Gold Baseball Bat.

The real treat of the HyperMode Weapons event is the exclusive piece of gear we’ve designed as the community bounty reward. Behold the Spectral Baseball Bat! Its ghastly glow changes color from pink in the daylight to blue in the darkness, but the best thing about this formidable weapon is that it retains its HyperMode kick after the event ends!

Enjoy knocking zombies into next week, Survivors!

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