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Get in a huge fistfight on Week #4 of the 5th Anniversary Month

Get in a huge fistfight on Week #4 of the 5th Anniversary Month

Hope you don’t mind getting your hands dirty.

Dying Light’s 5th Anniversary Month is coming to a close, but before it ends you can enjoy a whole week of HyperMode madness. The popular community event returns in its classic form, which means you can forget your machetes, bats and whatnot for a while, because your fists are pretty much weapons of mass destruction now. Use your superhuman punches and kicks to off as many zombies as you can and help the community reach the global goal. When it does, you’ll be rewarded with the Spectral Baseball Bat. This stunning glowing weapon deals major damage, but above all else lets you enjoy the HyperMode every time you use it (regardless of the event).

Dying Light 5th Anniversary - Week 4

As to the local bounty, guess who needs more halva for his mom. You can argue with Gazi just to learn that the drug store people were right about it being futile, or you can go loot some more halva from zombies. It’s worth the effort, because the reward is absolutely unique – the World’s Best Crane outfit inspired by Mama’s timeless style.

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