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Dying Light Meets Left 4 Dead 2 in an Exciting Crossover Event!

Dying Light Meets Left 4 Dead 2 in an Exciting Crossover Event!

Survivors, we have something truly special for you – two infected worlds collide and you will be in the thick of it. As a homage to Valve’s magnificent co-op zombie shooter, we brought Left 4 Dead 2 into Dying Light in an exciting crossover event!

To recreate the memorable feel of L4D2 in our game, we’ve introduced some gameplay tweaks. Expect a lot of Virals, whose numbers we’ve increased to push the attacking hordes into overdrive and intensify your fight for survival as you face waves of infected coming for you. To even out the odds and shift combat towards Valve-esque territory, we’re also more generous with guns and ammo for you to find.

We’re sure you’re gonna love what comes next! The icing on the cake is the inclusion of three iconic Left 4 Dead 2 melee weapons: Electric Guitar, Frying Pan, and Golf Club. You will find the blueprints in the free DLC, but the most badass variants (orange and gold) are available as rewards for completing challenges and three special Bounties during the event.

Go get these toys and have fun delivering crushing riffs, serving killer dishes, and improving your golf swings!

Dying Light meets Left 4 Dead 2 in an exciting crossover event!

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