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Dying Light goes medieval with Chivalry crossover event

Dying Light goes medieval with Chivalry crossover event

Warriors of Harran, we call upon you to rise in great numbers against the evil swarming our realm.

As you travel the land, you will often come across a chance to prove your valor by engaging in a random encounter. Help your brave countrymen fight off those who have risen from their graves to plague us. Don’t let the undead abominations devour the helpless. Save the innocents from a cruel fate at the hands of Rais’ brigands, and stand up to the wicked warlord by challenging his men and looting airdrops.

Dying Light x Chivalry event weapon pack
Dying Light crossover Chivalry - Zweihander and Medieval Shield

Become Harran’s shield against evil and you shall be rewarded not only with eternal glory, but also with more tangible spoils. Perform enough gallant acts to claim gold gear forged especially for this crossover event – the mighty Zweihander sword and the sturdy Medieval Shield emblazoned with the Agatha Knights’ cross. Should the community reach its goal, every brave soul who contributed with their knightly deeds shall be paid for their service with a docket for the exclusive Knight-errant outfit.

The event ends at , but the Zweihander and two variants of the Medieval Shield (Agatha Knights/Mason Order) can become a permanent addition to your armory thanks to the free Chivalry Weapon Pack!

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