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Dying Light celebrates its 4th birthday

Dying Light celebrates its 4th birthday

Our best-selling first-person action survival horror game has just turned four. Released in 2015, the game has seen a total of more than 16 million unique players across all platforms.

The anniversary will be celebrated with an in-game event that allows players to score double XP points. Additionally, unique and previously-unavailable legacy items such as the Rocket League Buggy Skin will be given away.

The last four years have brought not only Dying Light, but also the entire company to a whole new level - our development and publishing teams have grown with people whose passion directly shows in our games.

Those talented team members and our dedicated community are a huge part of Techland’s DNA and have inspired us to keep Dying Light alive and running for so long.said Techland CEO, Paweł Marchewka.

For this occasion, we have published community-inspired birthday video featuring our fans sharing what they love about the game and what keeps them playing Dying Light.

Since the game’s initial release, we have continually supported Dying Light constantly, including an expansion pack, The Following, a series of regular drops, the “10-IN-12” program, and regular in-game events...

...and we are not done yet.

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