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Back to the retrofuture with Dying Light’s Retrowave Bundle

Back to the retrofuture with Dying Light’s Retrowave Bundle

We’re finishing off a great year with one of the coolest sets of gear Harran survivors can lay their hands on.

Dying Light’s 5th birthday is right around the corner, but our support for the game doesn’t wane. In fact, we’ve just released one of the best bundles we’ve ever done. Available on all platforms, the latest DLC will let you surf the retrowave in style equipped with boldly designed retrofuturistic gear. As usual, along with a new outfit (Night Rider) we’re offering players a new buggy paint job (Speedmaster Turbo) and three new weapon blueprints. Don’t let the flashy appearances fool you! Anyone who mistakes the Blademaxx machete, the Vindicator 2000 revolver or the Volkatronix automatic rifle for a toy, will be painfully proven wrong.

Retrowave Bundle

The undisputed star of the Retrowave Bundle is the Volkatronix - a weapon unlike any other in the game. Designed by Tolga and Fatin for their employer, a wealthy Harran businessman Volkan Dal, it’s the first Dying Light firearm to shoot electric bullets, and therefore a must-have for anyone who likes their weapons not only deadly, but also fun to play around with.

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