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Arise: A Simple Story celebrates a successful launch

Arise: A Simple Story celebrates a successful launch

Embark on an unforgettable journey through life’s ups and downs.

A beautiful and deeply moving platform adventure game Arise: A Simple Story is now available as a digital download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Epic Games Store. Created with passion in Barcelona, it marks the debut of Piccolo Studio - a tightly-knit team dedicated to making unique, handcrafted games that strike an emotional chord. Declared “a masterclass in storytelling” (PSU) which “delights every sense imaginable” (Push Square), Arise charmed many reviewers and players alike, turning out to be a debut many developers dream of.

Arise: A Simple Story Sunflower level

Arise is a tale of a man looking back on his life, as he travels through the enchanting world of memories and feelings brought to life by stunning art direction and heartfelt music composed by the BAFTA Award winner David García. Seeking to reconcile with his past, the man has a chance to lose himself in moments of happiness, but also needs to face heartbreaking tragedies all over again. His aid in this odyssey - which you can enjoy alone or in an easy to pick-up two-player co-op - is his extraordinary ability to control the flow of time and thus affect the environment to solve mild traversal puzzles.

We hope players will find themselves walking alongside the old man on a path of self-reflection, and, with each step, relate to the magic in his story. We can’t wait for the players to discover what - or whom - they and the protagonist will find throughout the journey.Alexis Corominas, one of the founders of Piccolo

Watch the trailer below for a taste of Arise’s alluring atmosphere and a glimpse of its gameplay. If you want to learn more, visit

Arise: A Simple Story - Launch Trailer

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