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Senior Concept Artist


Main task:

Designing the world and elements of a video game (mainly locations and objects, occasionally characters and weapons). Co–operating with the team creating the game environment (Level Artists, 3D Artists, Level Designers) during forging of the artistic vision into the game, taking part in design locations/objects and solving visual problems through concept arts.

What we expect from the candidates:

  • excellent digital design skills, using a tablet, Adobe Photoshop, and pencil drawing,
  • creative thinking,
  • excellent teamwork skills,
  • ability to translate ideas into images,
  • excellent technique, knowledge of anatomy, perspective, composition and color,
  • familiarity with the latest trends and quality applicable in contemporary film productions and computer games and the ability to create works in such a style,
  • commitment to the project and the will to seek the best solutions,
  • knowledge of the game's production process and the needs arising from the fact that it is a game.
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