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Rendering Programmer

Wrocław, Warszawa

The main task of this position is to support the design, implementation and maintenance of complex systems and technological solutions related to rendering in Techland's proprietary engine. Our technology supports all Techland products on all consoles.

You meet our expectations if you have:

  • excellent knowledge of C++ supported by relevant commercial experience,
  • deep knowledge of topics related to game programming (e.g. multi-threading, debugging, profiling) and in particular related to graphics programming (effects, e.g. shadows, blur, HDR or deferred rendering),
  • proficiency in using graphics API (e.g. DirectX, HLSL),
  • knowledge of basic tools used in graphics programming (e.g. RenderDoc),
  • proficiency in mathematics (geometry, algebra) and knowledge of algorithms used in computer games,
  • ability to read and understand an existing codebase,
  • genuine passion for games and game development as well as knowledge of the latest titles and trends in the industry, especially in the field of FPP games,
  • good teamwork and communication skills,
  • good command of English.

Nice to have:

  • interest in the topic of terrain (generation, editing and rendering),
  • interest in the topic of ​​particle systems.
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