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Game Designer


As Game Designer, you will take charge of the concept for the project, its features and its underlying ideas, from the initial brainstorming to the final touches. You will be a member of the GaaS (Game as a Service) team during each stage of production. You and your team’s main task will be to create documents describing the game’s elements (features, tools, systems) and how they should be implemented. This means you will:

  • craft the concept for the Game as a Service product,
  • adjust game parameters to best realize the game’s vision
  • communicate and cooperate with all production teams to achieve the best possible implementation of your ideas,
  • gather and give feedback on your team’s ideas, iterating on them and discussing them from the player’s point of view,
  • write any needed design documents,  
  • report on your progress to your Producer.

you meet our expectations if you have:

  • at least 3 years of experience in game design,
  • authentic passion for games, both as a player and as a developer, as well as knowledge of the latest titles and trends in the gaming market, especially those for FPP games,
  • knowledge of at least one scripting language,
  • highly developed communication skills,
  • good command of english,
  • a proactive, elastic and positive attitude.
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