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Franchise Writer

Wrocław, Warszawa

Techland is looking for a talented, creative, and self-reliant Writer who will be responsible for creating stories and scripts in Techlands worlds.

This talented individual will shape narration in comic books, live action tv and animation and will influence and build the worlds that Techland created and will create in the future.

This position is open for people who want to work remotely.

Your daily tasks:

  • Independent creation of narrative content (story, scene, and dialogue writing, creating interesting characters, co-creating the "lore"),
  • Writing scripts for TV/Movies/Comic Books in English,
  • Creating credible elements of the represented world (history, sociology, psychology, economics, politics, geography, languages etc.),
  • Creating documentation about the presented world (a World Bible),
  • Providing feedback for narrative and story elements that are in production inside the company and with outside partners.

You meet our expectations if you have the following:

  • Experience in writing in the entertainment industry (games, tv, comics) proven by portfolio,
  • Extensive knowledge of the comic and tv market (including animation),
  • Native command of English,
  • Being able to independently create engaging stories in an existing IP (theme, tone, medium),
  • Knowledge of various forms of narration,
  • Knowledge about the rules of building a drama (hero, conflict, obstacles),
  • Knowledge of the rules of staging (using space, images, movement, staging characters, building relationships, storytelling).
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