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Character Concept Artist


Your daily tasks:

  • creating designs for the characters that bring our games to life, 
  • joining in the design process and working out the visual problems that arise using your concept art
  • working closely with Art Director, Lead Character Concept Artist (that will provide you with guidance and supervision) and art team

You meet our expectations if you have:*

  • Outstanding proficiency in designing for the digital world, whether via tablet, Adobe Photoshop or good old pencil and paper.
  • The ability to think outside the box - and blow up the whole concept of boxes and ‘outside’ when you need to.
  • Ease and efficiency when working in a team.
  • The ability to turn ideas into images.
  • Top-notch technique and a thorough knowledge of anatomy, perspective, composition, color, textures.
  • Familiarity with what’s hot and where the bar’s been set in the latest movies and games, and the ability to work and create in that style.
  • Commitment to the project and a desire to find the best possible way of completing it.
  • Knowledge of how a game is made and what needs arise in making it.

*We expect you to attach examples of your work showing implemented character concepts.

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